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Blogging and ripples

Aug 3, 2018

Speaking of thoughts as ripples, writing a blog post is like creating ripples from the pebble of an initial idea. But there are two basic ways to go from the pebble, to the rippled pattern, to the blog post.

One way is to allow the idea to take shape before writing. The pebble of an idea creates a rippled pattern, and once it's formed, you capture it in written words.

But there's another way I like better. An idea comes to mind and you note it on an idea list. The list contains the pebbles, not the ripples. When it's time to write a post, you type as you're considering the idea. As you write, you witness the ripples that emerge. Sometimes, they don't make a clear pattern, you erase some, and throw another pebble in the water. Erasing and re-creating rippled patterns is what makes writing for communication different from stream of consciousness or journal writing.

The reason I like the second approach better than the first is that you're writing while the idea is newest to you. If you do all the thinking before typing, the rippled pattern can be so well-formed beforehand that it feels stilted when you write it. That's okay if I'm writing a formal essay or a professional article.  But for more authenticity, I don't like to record the ideas too long after the ripples are formed.

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  1. Another thumbs up. Headed to your twitter account to retweet...maybe with a ripple. :)

    Regarding my toss & ripple blog...I named it based on a poem I had written about a pebble being tossed. You might enjoy the poem. Plus, it's short! lol

    Here's the link to the poem at my poetry blog which goes by a different name than toss & ripple, my main blog:

    1. Loved your poem at Parchment Anthology.

      Un abrazo (as they say in Spain),

    2. Aww..thanks Jon. I had to look up un abrazo. Nice. :)

      Un abrazo. :)