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Blogging at Psychology Today

Nov 21, 2017


I've arranged to submit occasional posts to Psychology Today at a blog I'm calling Purple Brain.  It's one of their many Neuroscience blogs, and at least in the near term I'll keep my posts there to topics related to the brain and mind.  In other words, I'll avoid the kinds of posts I sometimes slip in here: ones about funny characters I know from the Hungarian Pastry Shop, or the drama of having a pair of bluejeans with a zipper that looks like it's unzipped all the time, or the woman looking down from her sixth floor window who saw me yelling at a dog.  I won't write about any of that type of stuff there.

I'm not going to make it formal either- life's too short (and funny) for formality.  But at least for now I'll try not to come off there as a nut. 

In the meantime, please click to see my first post there.  They keep track of web traffic, and with your help, they may think I'm a real popular guy.

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