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Learn a little bit each day

Apr 3, 2017

I've discovered a fun hobby.  I take a subject that I know almost nothing about. Maybe a subject that I missed in high school because I was daydreaming in class.   Back then I could decide quickly that a subject like Chemistry wasn't my kind of thing.   That was lucky, because there's a special joy in learning about a subject fresh as an adult.  And the less attentive you were in class, the fresher and more exciting it is to learn about now.

So, with my morning coffee I open up this Chemistry Book, and I'll read just a page or two; sometimes half a page.  But if you do that - or anything else - every morning, a page a day adds up to getting through a textbook in a year.  Even in three months, you have a feel for the topic.

When I decided to learn something about Chemistry, I Googled "BEST INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY TEXTBOOK" and soon I had a list of the 5 or so textbooks that were often described as "very good'.  And I chose one that was, sure enough, very good.