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The Idea List

Apr 1, 2016

I used to write blog posts using an idea list.

On the list I'd write down things that popped into my mind when I was walking down the street,

waiting for the subway,

or wherever else I happened to be. When I sat down to think of topics, nothing much came to mind. Since I couldn't force them, I had to catch them when they appeared.

When I caught an idea, I'd write it down on my list. Just a few sentences that caught the gist of the idea.  And the list started to grow, and grow and grow.

(My idea list. Okay, maybe it didn't look exactly like this).

It was fun, and it made me feel good that I had plenty to write about. When it was time to write a post, all I needed to do was look at the list. I'd write about the idea at the top, because it had been there the longest. Bit by bit I'd work my way down to the more recent ideas.

But the list of ideas grew faster than I could write the blog posts. Eventually, the idea at the top of the list had been there for a month, six months, a year. The oldest ideas had passed a kind of expiration date, and lost their potency. What was it that had so interested me about the idea?