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The Unbroken Thread

Mar 1, 2013

I believe in destiny of a sort. Not the destiny of the Calvinists where an omniscient God writes the script and pulls the strings. But the destiny of Einstein where each physical state of the universe, including the brain of each living organism, necessarily leads to the next state in a dynamic kaleidoscope of interactions. Yes there is beauty, yes there is wonder, yes there is color, music, excitement and despair. But each state of this wonderful world merges necessarily into the next, in an unbroken thread. We are observers of the life we act out. This is how I see it in my moments of quiet reflection. But when the moment comes when I need to make a decision and to act, I become an independent agent taking the reins of my own future. An unmoved mover, an existentialist. Until my next period of quiet reflection when I can once again feel life’s progressive unfolding.