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If I Were a Writer

Feb 14, 2013

writingI like to imagine writing science fiction. Or a historical novel. A present-day novel.  I like to imagine creating a world.  And the story I write contains a message. The message would be the important thing.

Would I begin with the message, and write the story around it?  I don't think so. The message wouldn't be strictly and formally planned.  It would grow organically. It would be revealed to me as I write it, and then revealed again to the reader as she reads it.

As the story was read, the message would resonate in a part of her brain that lacks the words to describe it. It wouldn't be a sermon with a clear message revealed.  There may be a place for that kind of revealing.  But it wouldn't be my kind of revealing. My message isn't a revelation at all. It is not absolute.  It changes shape as the scenes unfold.

And so my message would not be absolute, or clear, or describable in words.  It would be a recognition. Of course the object of a recognition can be described in words, but the feeling of recognition cannot. My message would be something like that.  And if that's not really a message, that's OK.

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  1. Anonymous2/14/2013

    There are many times when I start writing a blog post in just that fashion. I don't know where I'm going or where it's taking me. Just thinking and typing. Sometimes at the end I learn something and maybe the reader does too. Those are my favorite.


  2. I think you just described general..not necessarily through the medium of words.