After-dinner conversation (Sobremesa)

Feb 3, 2013

I love the idea of long after-dinner conversation.
 But the truth is I'm like the guy on the right
who's wondering how he can excuse himself from
the table without being rude.
Sobremesa, in Spain, is "after-dinner conversation", and it can go on for a long time. It's difficult for someone like me, a culo inquieto (restless butt).   I like the idea of taking time after a meal to converse and connect.  But I enjoy it for 20 minutes; then I'm ready to stretch my legs, take a walk, anything other than keeping my ass in a chair in front of a dinner table for another hour.  Spaniards seem to have no limit to how long they can enjoy this.  Americans can do this while on vacation, or when having dinner at a friend's, but not on a daily basis.   For this American, it's like putting on a jacket that looks great on the hanger, but just doesn't fit.