Beethoven’s emotional and powerful 7th symphony, 2nd movement, is my favorite classical piece. The first minute of it is so quiet that you need to turn the volume up in order to hear it. Some people like recordings where it's played faster, but I like this slow tempo.

Here's another version, with a faster tempo. I think it changes the entire attitude of the piece and loses impact.

I think of my father when I listen to beautiful classical music. It was one of the real loves of his life. He had hundreds, maybe thousands, of cassettes, each one with a sticker on the outside of the case neatly labeled by hand with the name of the composer and the piece. I can’t recall many moments at home with my father when there wasn’t classical music on in the background. Sometimes he’d say “Jon, listen to this. Isn’t it beautiful?” I'd say 'Yes', but usually I was only half listening.