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Edie Brickell

Dec 24, 2011

I've always loved this song.

Circle, Edie Brickell (from the album Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars)


  1. Happy (late) holidays Jon, funny what artists can bring to memory. Brickell was a favorite of my crazy painter friend Wendy in college. The most creative person I had ever met. We would drink strawberry tea, and listen to Brickell's CDs. Mushrooms may have been involved too (the first and only time I took drugs, in my defense). ;)

    I liked the crisp production and clean sound.

    Sounds like a nice time with Rosa's family, by the way you should pick up the Christmas edition of Body and Soul magazine for her. It has a great article on Tao, and other articles she would like. You'll see.

  2. I'll check out Body and Soul.

    I was going to mention in this post (and I say it here since you're a musician) that many of my favorite songs (including this one) have a descending bass line. There's something about the descending bass line. :)

  3. Whole Living magazine, it's called. Forgot the name had changed. Look for "Green your Holidays" on the cover, December edition.

  4. Great - I was wondering if it was "Whole Living" since it came up when I googled "Body and Soul".