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Oct 16, 2011

Do you know the word-verification that many blogs make you type in before leaving a comment?  At first I found them annoying, but now I kind of like them. It’s a little test that I get right at least 90% of the time.  And sometimes the nonsense words are kind of cool.  I just typed one where the word was “ILOGE”.  It doesn’t mean anything, but I like the sound. “Hi, my name’s Iloge.  Where am I from? Mrgle. That’s Mrgle with an e.  The e's silent.”
Or, “What you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. You’re being totally iloge”.
(Do I really have nothing better to do than to think of ways to use the imaginary word ‘iloge’?  I must be going nuts.)




  1. Jon, when "stubborn" doesn't work on verifying those stupid words I call in my ten year old grand-daughter. I think kids with all their exposure to this technical stuff on small screens have brains developed to figure out those puzzles because she can always get the mushed words right the first time. We were just born too late to get those brain connections wired

  2. Oops! Another example of how my "crazy" mind works. I quickly typed the first message laughing about the last time I had to call her in to decipher one of those "codes." Then walked out on the deck and the instant I opened the door I realized I had typed, "too late" instead of "too early." That brain "error" noting ability did come in handy in my working years as an accountant.

  3. They can be annoying, but if you do like these verification "words", you may like my take on the subject: Call My Bluff.

  4. I really hate verification words, I seem to have a problem and I never get them right from the first time. Some of them are outrageous; it was not once that the automatic message happened to show words with characters that I couldn't find on my keyboard. And yeah, the ones with the words all together in one small corner...JESUS! Who designed those? definitely some sadistic person....